David’s Birthday

Thursday was David’s birthday.  The boys were SO excited to celebrate their daddy.  The night before his birthday, they helped me make the cake – let me tell you, Dawson is practically a professional at cracking eggs!  They love helping with stuff like that.

David has a good sense of humor.  We don’t have a ton of different shaped cake pans, but we happen to have a bunny shaped one (from the year we surprised my cousin Suzanne with four – or was it five? – bunny cakes for her birthday).  That was the pan he approved of for his cake.  The boys were couldn’t wait to decorate it, so Thursday morning, after David left, and before D got on the bus, the boys got to work.


Jelly beans!  Sprinkles!  Licorice!

They were so excited to show David Thursday night.  It was quite the “surprise” for David.  We got some REALLY cute photos.



The best part was when David went to cut the cake, and the boys immediately pointed out the pieces they wanted – Wes wanted blue sprinkles and some licorice, and Dawson wanted some of the yellow sprinkles.  Luckily, that was pretty easy to accommodate, considering the shape of the cake.

We had a lazy weekend.  Wesley and Dawson woke up with pretty nasty colds Saturday morning.  I thought for sure Wes was going to spike a fever, but after a really good nap, he seemed to rebound some.  Not enough to do much of anything, but enough that he was able to do more than just hang out in bed, watching TV.

As for the coming week, the boys are really excited for Easter.  A long weekend at the Lake House, and Parker’s birthday.  They can’t wait.

In the mean time, they are currently sitting on the couch, watching their favorite movie (this week), Smurfs 2.  The best part of this evening is their shirts.  A few weeks ago, David, Dawson, and Wes were so proud of their clearance find at Target – Despicable Me 2 shirts.  Of course, I didn’t have the heart to tell Dawson and Wes that, based on the neckline and the glitter, the shirts are actually girl shirts.  They would be horrified.  But how cute are they?


A belated Happy Birthday to David, my best friend and partner-in-crime…and the best Daddy these two minions could ever wish for!

2 thoughts on “David’s Birthday

  1. Belated Happy Birthday, David! Wishing the best to the Henry family….love and hugs…(love the t-shirts…Dawson and Wes are adorable). In our thoughts and prayers….just because we love you all so much and we celebrate every day with you!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, David and the cake was great. Have a super week. Prayers are always for all of you and for Dawson’s needs. Mary

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