So this happened today:


Seven months after starting school, Dawson is riding the bus.  He was so excited to ride the bus.  In fact, he was supposed to ride the bus for the first time a week and a half ago, but then he woke up with that stomach bug.  This morning he was so excited to ride the bus that he started asking to play outside at 6:50 this morning.  I finally gave in to the boys at 7:10, and let them go out and play, even though the bus doesn’t come until about 7:35.

But playing outside is something that the boys used to do before D got sick.  On mornings that it was nice outside, they would play outside for 5 or 10 minutes before going to daycare.  They were excited to do the same thing today before D got on the bus.  They played a lot.



Going “fishing” off the “dock”…



Driving cars down the ramp…


And just being adorable in general…


Then the bus came, and Dawson went right for it.  He was a little confused about how to get on it at first, but he followed the neighbor boy on.  I followed him around in case he needed help…and to take pictures.  He had a sea of faces watching him, looking so excited for him.  It was the cutest.


The bus pulled away, and (shocker!) I cried.  Last September it seemed like something like this was a world away, and here it is.  And he did it like a champ.  Got on the bus and never looked back…literally.  The bus driver told him Carson was saving him a seat, and he was off.  He’s getting to be SO independent.

His appointment this afternoon went well.  We again went over what I briefly learned immediately after Dawson’s procedure.  We are starting a new med on Wednesday that will hopefully help relax Dawson’s bladder and allow him to stay dry longer.  The problem is that his bladder is small and scarred.  Scarred so much that I don’t think D’s urologist has much hope of it getting much larger.  For reference, he told me that a bladder on a kid his age should hold 175-200 (gallons? cups? cc’s?  I can’t remember the measurement and am too lazy to look it up) (obviously I know it’s not actually gallons) (or cups).  Anyway, his bladder, when he was sedated and completely relaxed, only held 110.  He estimated that when D is awake, that number is more like 80 for him.  And as a kid, his bladder should grow – 300 around 10, 500 around 15.  And right now it sounds like his bladder just doesn’t have those capabilities.

But we’ll try the meds.  Start small.  I didn’t even ask what our next steps are after meds, because I’m not ready for it, and his urologist is confident that these are the right steps.  So we’ll try the meds for a few months and see if he gets some extended dry time.  We go back in June, where he’ll get another ultrasound to see if the meds are allowing him to fully empty his bladder.  We go back in August for another ultrasound on his kidneys, but thankfully there is still no huge concern there, as long as they don’t worsen.

7 thoughts on “Independence

  1. What a precious moment to see him get on the school bus! Bless his little heart…, Bless his BIG heart! Sharing your tears of joy this morning!

  2. It is always a beautiful thing seeing our children who have been through so much finally be able to do something like ride the bus, and you know the whole way to school he had a big smile on his face. I hope only good things for Dawson and your family.

  3. What a milestone for awesome Dawson. Great pictures of the boys. Dawson looks so good it is hard to grasp that he has his troubles. Our prayers are for all of you and especially for the medicine too work well. Mary

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