It’s Been Awhile…

We are still here and doing well.  Blogging seems to have taken quite the backseat to life these days.  We are busy, and when we are not busy, I’m usually asleep.  :)

The past two weeks have had a lot going on.  Dawson came down with a stomach bug the week before last, and it was a doozy.  He had a full 24 hours of vomiting, multiple times an hour.  Luckily, he was also doing well staying hydrated, so we weren’t too concerned.  We ended up call his pediatrician just in case the second day, but by then he was on the upswing anyway.  (It was nice to put in one last call to our awesome pediatrician, though!)  D recovered after the first 24 hours, but the bug lingered for days, so much so that he was still getting sick 5 days later.  Luckily, it’s a full week later, and not only is Dawson feeling good, but we also somehow managed to keep it contained to him – no one else got it.  Now THAT is a win!

As of April 1st, we officially switched insurance providers.  I probably spent a good 5 hours total on the phone with our new provider before the actual switch happened, making sure that Dawson would have the resources available to him that he needs.  I made an appointment for April 2nd for Dawson to have a meeting with his new pedi, so we could get the referrals process going.

On April 1st, something magical happened – Dawson’s new pediatrician called me.  Proactively.  He saw Dawson was on his schedule for the next day, and could tell it was a complex case that would likely take more than 30 minutes (our scheduled time) to talk about.  I missed his initial call, but when I called him back about 25 minutes later, he took my call immediately, and I did my best to give him an overview of everything D has been through since last May.  By the end of the call, he had a good idea of what D’s history looked like, AND he had submitted referrals for physical therapy, orthopedics, urology, and burn/trauma.  I was downright giddy that day – excited that our first impression is that we are going to get the same level of care with the new pediatrician that we received from our previous.

That 10 minute phone call made D’s appointment go SO smoothly.  There were things that I had forgotten about his history (I managed to forget to tell his new doc that D was in kidney failure when he was admitted), and I was able to better clarify some things.  But most importantly, by 3:30pm April 2nd, Dawson’s referrals were APPROVED.

With the good comes the bad – I tried my hardest to start making PT appointments before we actually got the referral, but all of the smooth talking in the world wasn’t allowing that.  So Dawson’s first PT appointment back at the place he initially went to is Tuesday at 8am…and his next PT appointment isn’t until May 5th!  They are booked solid, and we are on the cancellation list for any therapist at this point.  Still, I’m excited to get to this chapter.

Wesley has been doing great.  After almost a full year, the boys are FINALLY sleeping in their own beds again.  About 50% of the nights, Wes sleeps in his bed without getting out, and the other 50% of the time, he comes into our room once or twice (or three times…).  Baby steps, but it’s pretty awesome.

Today was a really big day for us.  Probably more so David and me than the boys.  We took the boys back to the Kalahari for a few hours.  My sister Maria had a dance competition there, so we went to watch her dance, and then let the boys play some games.  Watching Maria dance was awesome – it was so fun to see, and she did amazing.  The boys were really excited to see her and Grandma Mary, but they weren’t so into the dancing…they were way more excited to get to the games.

I was surprised – I thought for sure I’d cry, or get teary, or feel wistful, or something.  But the boys were so excited to be there, and THEY don’t associate the Kalahari with D getting sick any more, so it made it so much easier.  We played games for just a little bit (the boys were up late last night because of the Badger game and were exhausted), and then headed home.  It was a nice way for David and I to get used to going there again.




Who needs PT when you have games like this at the Kalahari?



Dawson does have a busy week this week.  He’s doing something special tomorrow that I hope to have some awesome photo updates of…we’ll see how I do.  Additionally, D has his post-procedure visit with urology tomorrow.  This is where we’ll discuss new medications, options, etc.  I’m looking forward to next steps, and I’m not looking forward to rehashing everything we learned a few weeks ago.  That double-edged sword of working to fix the issues, and being reminded of the issues in the first place…

3 thoughts on “It’s Been Awhile…

  1. So nice to here from you. Have been praying that there will be other procedures to help Dawson than the ones you were given. Sorry he was so sick. Hard for all of you. May the spring weather bring good things. Mary

  2. Wow I bet it was very emotional to go back to the Kalahari, even if you don’t show it on the outside you were probably feeling it big time on the inside. You guys have been through do much, with much more to come. Hang in there, I’m always thinking about you! Hug!

  3. Awesome post. I didn’t even consider how hard it was going to be for you to go back, but I’m glad it wasn’t as hard as you thought it would be. Good luck tomorrow.

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