Finishing Out the Week

(I guess at this point we are starting out the week, rather than finishing it, but oh well…)

It was a rough week.  A LONG week.  I was an emotional mess for most of it.  I did a lot of avoiding people, and a lot of not-talking about Tuesday.  (And some people bore the brunt of my not-wanting-to-talk-about it by getting attitude from me and an apology email later…sorry guys.)  Luckily (and I use that term loosely), I had a cold that wreaked havoc on my voice, and I think it hid my cracking, faltering, trying-not-to-cry voice more than once.

Unfortunately, our week got harder before it got better.  On Thursday Dawson and Wesley had their well-child checks with their pediatrician…Dawson’s only 4 months late.  We had some silly moments in the waiting area before going back to the appointment.


This photo isn’t particularly interesting except for the fact that David was reading a Men’s Journal and Dawson and Wes were convinced he was reading a “GIRL magazine!!” because of the woman on the cover.


Wes learned how to wheel Dawson’s wheelchair.  He did a great job!

The hard part of the afternoon came when we went back to the exam room with the boys.  After months (literally months – since September) of talking about it, and going round and round and back and forth, David and I decided to switch insurance companies.  We need to change where Dawson gets his physical therapy.  D’s therapist now is great, don’t get me wrong.  But she doesn’t have experience with amputees, and Dawson is at a stage where it is crucial that he gets the best therapy out there for him.  So for us, that means switching insurances, in order to get to the clinic that has worked with child amputees.

What it also meant was losing Dawson and Wesley’s current pediatrician.  It was what made the decision so dang hard.  We LOVE him.  And we LOVE his nursing staff.  I picked Dr. E purely based on location when I was pregnant with D, simply because he was in the same building as my OB-GYN.  He’s been with us from day one.  And I didn’t know it that day, but we picked a fantastic doctor and a fantastic office.  When the boys were both little, it felt like I was calling the office every other week trying to see Dr. E for ear infections.  Out of all my zillions of phone calls, I only remember two occasions where I was told they had no openings and I’d have to go to urgent care…and one of those two times, they called me back within a half hour to say “Come here.  We’ll squeeze you in.”  (Good thing – Wes had pneumonia!)  It has always been amazing to be seen by familiar faces.

Of course, we got to know everyone a little too well eventually, first with E.Coli 2012 and then with what happened last summer.  And quite possibly the best thing about Dr E’s office is his nursing staff.  I know that they have cried when we’ve cried along the way.  They have always been so genuine with their care and concern for the boys.

I don’t mean it lightly when I say that David and I stressed over this decision.  But once we made it, I knew we had to see them one last time.  I planned on taking the cowardly way out and was going to send a MyChart message ahead of time, giving the heads up.  I figured it would lessen my likelihood of tears.  But I didn’t send the message ahead of time, and I somehow managed to escape without any tears actually falling (not that they didn’t threaten a good portion of the time!).  This was also a good time for me to have a cold, since it hid the wavering voice more than once (I think).

Sad news aside, it was a good appointment.  Wesley is a rock star.  We hadn’t realized it, but the last time Wes was to the doctor was last March for an ear infection.  He’s been healthy otherwise!  Knock on wood, right?  Or maybe the stars just thought we were due for a break.  Wesley did get some immunizations Thursday, and his face could bring you to your knees with his tears.  He recovered nicely, too, although he was angry enough that he tried to refuse the sticker.

Dawson’s portion of the appointment went well, too.  We did the standard measurements, and they added a new one – wingspan/arm length.  It sounds like that’s more of a standard measurement for amputees?

We ended up going out for dinner afterwords.  David and I needed a margarita!  The boys were hilarious at dinner.  We went to a Mexican restaurant, and they insisted on a quesadilla and french fries.  Being silly, I wrote Wesley’s name in ketchup when I put some on his plate, and he ate all around it.  And then when he cleaned his plate except for his name, he insisted on picking up the plate to lick the ketchup. 



Wes had a rough Friday night; he was crying a lot and complaining that his left ear hurt.  His ears were just checked the day before, so I’m not sure if he was just having a reaction to the immunizations, but he was really hurting, so we offered him some ibuprofen.  We also offered him an option – a liquid ibuprofen, or the chance to try to take a pill like Dawson.  He chose pill, and he did AWESOME.  No issues taking it.  My kids rock.  The next morning he woke up happy and with no pain!

Dawson overall is doing great.  We’ve talked to him a little bit about what we learned at his procedure on Tuesday, but obviously there is a lot that we haven’t talked about yet.  He knows that there is something wrong with his bladder and that we are going to be trying a new medication soon to try to help him stay dry.  I don’t think he’s all that concerned about it, to be quite honest.  As if you needed more proof about the resiliency of kids.

5 thoughts on “Finishing Out the Week

  1. Thinking of all of you! As for the ketchup, when I was little I would take the little paper cups you’d get at a fast food place and just eat the ketchup. Love it Wes!

  2. Glad to get your blog. Hope the new doctor turns out as great. Beth, let the tears come They help relieve some of the stress you are under. Thoughts and prayers are with all of you often. Mary

  3. Love you guys! Thinking of you always! <3 Thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey! Give the boys a hug from me!

    Natalie Amy

  4. Sending you love, Beth. Holding You in my heart…my prayers….my love. Don’t ever feel you shouldn’t or you can’t shed those tears. It’s okay. They are not only healing tears for you but tears to water the garden of blessings. We were forced to find new doctors by chance when there was an ER run. And as Grandma Terry will tell you….we have found the absolute best. Just believe that Everything is going to be OK….Always with you in thoughts and prayers. God bless and keep you in His care and favor. Love to you, David, Wesley, and Dawson, too. Have a Happy Day!

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