Every once and awhile, we need a reminder that Dawson still has a lot going on.  His body is still working really hard, and he’s not quite up to par physically as other kids his age.  That should be obvious, no?  But he’s been doing so well lately that we just…forget.

We had a little bit of a reminder today.  In recent weeks, we’ve been working to completely wean Dawson off of ALL pain meds.  We had been giving tylenol and ibuprofen scheduled, and I was afraid to take it away – but I also don’t want to be giving it to him if he doesn’t need it.  Yesterday was Dawson’s first day receiving neither (the day before was supposed to be the first day, but he and Wes were roughhousing before bed, and he banged his head pretty hard on a knob on a dresser door…oh boy).  He ended up waking up in the night in quite a bit of pain – again on the right leg, only this time he was complaining about the top of his leg, rather than the underside.  The complaint was still the same in that it was his skin, though – it felt like his skin was being pulled.  This was the first time Dawson had this complaint when he wasn’t wearing gel liners.

So D took some meds in the night and had a restless sleep.  This morning he woke up and cried in pain for a good 20 minutes.  We ended up giving him something stronger (his oxycodone), and I sat and rocked him and rubbed his leg while he cried before transferring him to David so David could rock him.  Eventually I could tell that the oxy kicked in, and D said he was ok to go to PT.

He snoozed in the car on the way to PT (can’t blame him – it was a 7:30am appointment!).  Once we got there, he started to slowly wake up.  A new game was broken out – a rocket that he could jump off of the stairs onto.  He loved it – that one got him going!




Once PT was done, we headed over to his pediatrician’s office to have some labs drawn up.  D had a slight meltdown for a few minutes in the car – I can’t even remember what it was about, but I remember thinking “Oh man, this kid is TIRED.”  He actually did a great job while getting his labs drawn.  We have a pretty awesome team the works together to get him poked, drawn, and out the door.  He gave a decent holler as the needle slid in, and then (just like last time), quietly watched.  We did come prepared for this appointment, too – last time he was a little underwhelmed by the Snoopy band-aid, so we brought a Ninja Turtle one from home.

After the appointment I kept going back and forth – D was in a pretty good mood, but he was also clearly exhausted.  I decided to stay home with him and hope that he’d get some decent rest.  That was a good decision, since Dawson fell asleep in the car on the way home, and it was only 9am.

We didn’t do much once we got home; Dawson played some DS, and then he quietly played Ninja Turtles/Spiderman/Power Rangers alone for a little while (they joined up to fight against the forces of evil!).  Eventually, even though he was of course protesting that he was “not tired!” I had D head to bed for a “rest.”

Four hours later…Dawson is STILL sleeping.  Holy cow, right?  He hasn’t napped like this in a LONG time.  I should be waking him up – he may never go to sleep tonight – but he clearly needed this sleep.  I just hope it’s because he had a rough night/has a little cold, and not a sign of something else.  The good news is that the labs will hopefully tell us if there is more going on in his little body than we know.  I don’t think so (I think it’s just a good day for him to catch up on sleep), but I’m REALLY glad I decided to keep him home today.

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2 thoughts on “Rest

  1. I am sure you are fight. Things that Dawson does probabliy takes more energy than we think. And after all after being in bed so long he had a lot of energy to bring back. Our prayers are always with you all. May Dawson continue his amazing trip. Love, Mary

  2. Dawson is making up for lost time and then just like that little ninja, his battery needs to be recharged. You are always on my mind and in my heart and most certainly in my prayers. Love you Dawson, Beth, David, and Wesley.

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