Great Sockets!

(It’s like great scott, only sockets…yeah, never mind).

Dawson had a busy day today.  He went to 4K this morning, all prepared with his snow pants that had lovingly been altered by one of my co-workers, Amy.  I wish I would have taken a picture of Dawson when I picked him up from school – he was red cheeked and covered in snow.  One of the teachers and helped him up onto one of the play sets and he was able to go down the slide.  Apparently he went flying!  Dawson had an absolute blast – “It was my first time I ever got to go down the slides at school!”  He also told me that his friend Carson was crawling around in the snow with him.  He shook his head as he told me, as if to say “Can you believe how silly that is?”  Of course, meanwhile I think it’s the sweetest thing ever.

Today Dawson had a big appointment – the other week he was casted for his prosthesis, and this week, we tried on his sockets!  Of course, it wouldn’t be Dawson without some roadblocks being thrown in our way – in the last week or so, Dawson had REALLY struggled with his gel liners on his right leg, to the point that he is screaming and crying in bursts.  So today, instead of having him try standing in the sockets, we just worked on getting the fitting down.  Dawson did do well pushing his legs into the sockets & putting some pressure on the sockets; a good precursor of things to come.  Next week…we STAND!


Because of the pain, though, we’ve had to make an appointment with Dawson’s surgeon.  That will happen next Monday, before his prosthetics appointment.  The pain seems to be a nerve issue – he complains of pain in bursts on the back of his right leg, right along what looks like a grafting seam, but only when he’s wearing his gel liners (the brown w/ green writing “socks” on his legs in the picture above).  Does he need a change in his meds that deal with nerves?  More scar massage (are the gel liners pulling on the graft)?  Something else entirely?  I guess we’ll see.

Dawson has been doing a great job in PT.  He loves the “obstacle courses” that he gets to put together.  He is a bit of a daredevil there, I’m sure because the floors are so padded.  Last week he discovered that he can climb up some of the stairs and jump down, landing on his knees (and sometimes his face…).  He’s working on his balance – last week he walked on his knees, balancing hippo on his head.  It’s awesome that PT is so fun for him.


Wes is his usual self.  I’m definitely beginning to realize that Wes is more like me in personality, where Dawson is more like David (something we’ve seen since Dawson was a baby).  Wes likes to be the center of attention and loves to make people laugh.  But on the flip side, he’s also my guy who loves his Sundays at home – the day we stay in our jammies and are cozy inside all day (one of my favorite things about winter!).  Lately David and Dawson have been heading out on Sundays to run this errand or that errand, and Wes and I stay at home in our pajamas, reading books, playing, and watching TV.  And taking selfies.


The boys are getting ready for Santa.  They both are not great at saying what they want – Dawson has mentioned a remote controlled Shellraiser from Santa (something Santa can do, easily), and Wes agreed that would be a good present, but otherwise they have NO other suggestions.  When we ask Wes what he wants for Christmas, he just says “Whatever Santa brings me.”  I guess we should be thankful they don’t have outrageous requests, like a llama or unicorn or something.

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