Santa Express

Two years ago, we took the boys on the Santa Express in North Freedrom, WI.  It’s a 45 minute train ride, and we got to see Santa.  That day, one my favorite photos of Dawson and me was taken.


He had just turned 3 and was VERY proud of the fact!

And just for a refresher, this is what Wes looked like 2 years ago.


Look at the crazy hair and his little baby face!!

Also, Parker was with us two years ago, too.  I took this AH-MAZING photo of him meeting Santa.


We all decided to take them again this year – David, Dawson, Wesley, and me, Bob, Nikki, and Parker, my mom, and David’s parents.  We made it a surprise, and didn’t tell the boys where we were going until we pulled in.  “We’re here, boys!  Want to go on a train ride and see Santa?”

They both answered “No.”


Luckily, it was a little easier to persuade them once they saw the train pull up.  Warning:  the rest of this post involves a LOT of photos.


They are SO silly together.


They have the best faces!


Why is it so hard to get 4 people looking at the same camera at once?  :)


Trying to re-create my photo from two years ago.  Cute, but not quite as cute as the last one.


See the guy in red in the background?  The one with the beard?  Well, Wes was starting to get nervous about meeting him…his brother, not so much.


Look how awesome Parker did this year!!


And of course, Big D did awesome.


A face that could break your heart.  Santa did great – he asked for a five, and when Wes just gave him that face, Santa gave him a wave and walked away -  no pressure.  (Meanwhile, I was all about just picking Wes up and getting a photo with him.  Luckily David talked some sense into me.)


After the train ride (and the purchase of two new trains from the gift shop – Dawson and Wes had to buy the same one, of course), we all went to Culver’s for lunch and then made the drive home.  Luckily, the boys were exhausted.  Wes fell asleep pretty quickly.  It took D longer, but he managed to take a nap too.


David and I agreed as we drove home that it will probably be the last year that we do that.  The boys had a blast, but they didn’t get quite as excited for the train as I thought they would.  Still, it was such a fun morning with family.  We sure are lucky.

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2 thoughts on “Santa Express

  1. What fun! When I taught kindergarten, I read, The Polar Express, every year. I think I liked it more than my class. These pictures are treasured memories. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Warms my heart to see you and your family having such a great time! Although I don’t know you, your story has touched me. I keep you all in my prayers.

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