Cousin Time

This weekend, David and I went where no Henry has gone before.  We’ll probably never be able to repay Bob and Nikki for all of the times they helped us out these last few months, but we took Parker for most of the weekend so they could get some time away.

The boys had a blast.  The three together are an interesting combination.  Wesley is almost always the ringleader.  Parker is happy to do whatever Wesley is doing.  And Dawson occasionally gets mad because no one is playing with him.  But overall, they played really well and had a really good time.  Our house was an absolute freaking disaster.  This was the bedroom at one point yesterday, and it only got worse:


Our living room looked about like this, but I missed getting a photo (can’t say I’m too upset about that…).

The boys were goofy.  We went to my work to let them get rid of some energy, and while we were there, I had David put together a bookcase for my office.  The boys were a little (ahem, a LOT) silly, so I bribed them with popcorn while David put it together.  Dawson didn’t want popcorn, so he asked if he could take pictures.  The following are courtesy of Dawson:



Then I made Dawson get in the picture so I could get one of the three -


The boys decided they wanted to see the rocking banana so we eventually headed that way.  Once over there, Wes took one look at it and wanted nothing to do with it.  There went my visions of three boys rocking at once.



Eventually, Wes warmed up enough to touch the banana, and help rock the other two boys.


Last night went…ok.  :)  Actually, it really wasn’t that bad.  We set up all three boys to sleep on the floor of Dawson and Wesley’s room (after we cleaned it up, of course!).  Wesley and Parker were trouble.  There was a lot of talking and giggling.  Compounding matters was the fact that Wes really did not want to sleep in the room.  It took awhile, but eventually Wes, and then Parker and Dawson, fell asleep.  Ahhh…peace and quiet.  Of course, it’s likely I actually fell asleep before Dawson and Parker.  What?  I was tired!

Wes crawled into bed with us around midnight (right on schedule!) and then a little after five I heard Dawson taking off his knee immobilizers.  Turns out we forgot to adjust their light-up lock after the recent “fall back” so it turned green at 5 instead of 6.  Awesome.  I got Dawson to lay down with me for a little bit, but after a half an hour of listening to him talking to himself (including him counting to 10 in Spanish, and spelling Wesley’s name over and over), I finally got up and let him play iPad while I made monkey bread.  That was a BIG hit.


I then asked them all to do the “old man” face.  Hilarity ensues.


Then I asked for nice smiles, and they all actually turned out pretty well.




But the best part of the weekend came courtesy of Dawson.  The boys were all playing in Dawson and Wesley’s room, and then we heard Parker and Wes go downstairs.  David and I were folding laundry in our room, when I heard Dawson holler for me from his room.  I hollered back “Yeah?”  but he didn’t respond.  David went in there to put away clothes, and I heard him say “How did you get in there?!”  He started laughing and called me in.

And now, a game of “Where’s Dawson?”


The crazy kid managed to crawl into the toy bin in his closet (after removing the vast majority of the toys, as you can see).  While we were in there, furiously taking photos and laughing, he spent most of his time throwing more toys out and hiding from our flashes.  I’d show you more photos, but the other 10 look about like the one above…

We had a blast.  The boys were exhausted today – skipped/minimal naps yesterday + a late bedtime last night ensured that all 3 boys fell asleep within about 15 minutes of putting them down for naps today, so that was nice.  Parker didn’t want to leave when Bob and Nikki got here, so that’s a good sign, right?  In another year, I think things like bedtime will be a lot smoother.  Or at least a little more containable.  (As in, hopefully Wesley will no longer be a punk about sleeping in his room.)

We are having troubles again with Dawson’s leg today – again, his donor spot.  Last time it got bad was after wearing his gel liner for an extended period of time.  Yesterday D wore the gel liner all day on both legs, with no complaints – except when we took it off, his legs were both slick and wet.  Sweat?  I was under the impression that his legs wouldn’t sweat because of the grafts, but now I honestly have no idea.  Either way, both legs were really wet, and his donor sight was very…interesting.  Wet and a little goopy.  It’s hard to believe that almost two months later, a site that is SMALLER than a credit card is still giving us trouble.  Today it bled more and D complained more of pain, and it seemed slightly swollen, so we again held off on the gel liners until that area is a little more under control.

This week is going to a pretty quiet week.  Dawson only has PT on Monday, and then next weekend is his (tiny) birthday party that I have ended up going all out on.  Michelangelo pinata?  More prizes than 5 kids could ever play with?  Done!

Shopping with boys Saturday morning, and Dawson and I were talking about his birthday.  I sighed and something dramatic like “I can’t believe you are almost five!!”  And Dawson said, in all seriousness, “But I will always be your baby, right Mommy?”  I die.  And I’m pretty sure when he’s 30 I’m going to be reminding him that he once said that.  :)


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One thought on “Cousin Time

  1. A weekend cousins will remember when they see the pictures. You are writing a wonderful history for your boys. And the rest of us appreciate this too, Our prayers are with you all. mary

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